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featured: okavango delta - botswana


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We’re proud to unveil Way:Points, our carefully curated series of must-visit destinations around the globe. Gathered from both locals and experienced travelers, each Way:Point edition features a list of the places to see, cool local experiences, when to go, unique stays and more! See a destination that peaks your curiosity!

Let’s visit some cool places like Indonesia’s Raja Ampat, Corcovado & Cano Island, Costa Rica or places you may never have heard of like…Meteora?! It’s in Greece and it’s way off the beaten path! Let us show you some new places and our dedicated experts create the perfect trip to someplace new. Let the Journey Begin!


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Other waypoints on the horizon include the perfect safari getaway combined with the culture and cuisine of South Africa’s Cape Town. Spend a few days exploring the pink sanded beaches and coves of Harbor Island and Cape Eleuthera’s remote Schooner Cays. An escape to Eleuthera is a remarkable getaway that will have you coming back again and again. If you want hiking and rainforest exploration along side a secluded Pacific beach, then take the time and explore the wonders of Corcovado located in southern Costa Rica. Combine the rainforest and wild beaches with a Volcano and Costa Rica will get you back to nature like no place on earth!


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Okavango Delta, Botswana, Africa


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