A Carefully crafted Team

Our travel agents, Journey Advisors, are carefully selected and are each equipped with all the tools and support required to plan your journey efficiently. One of the unique benefits of traveling with Journey Earth Travel is a collaborative connection with our partner destination managers who are the travel companies working within the destination and the guides you be ultimately traveling with. We call them our In-Country Experts.

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Your Journey Advisor and In-Country Expert team are well connected and have the inside information to create an exceptional touring experience just for you. It’s not where you go, but how to get there, when to avoid the crowds, making sure you find those special places, and even make new friends. Our In-Country experts bridge that gap and bring each itinerary to life. The travel experiences and local insights are the hallmark of our crafted travel benefit. Learn more about the process and benefits of team crafted travel. Learn more about our hub: Journey Pro Connect.


Your dedicated travel team

james papagno

chief explorist / founder

Kristina papagno

Operations Manager


vice president of sales

anthony papagno

content curator


journey advisor

jorge lafosse

seo & digital marketing




Planning, logistics, and curation is a team effort. With so many choices and so much access to information on destinations, the team at Journey Earth Travel offers that extra connection to complete the tour buying cycle. In the business world of travel, they are known as destination managers. We like to call these destination managers our In-Country Experts. They are carefully chosen by our staff as they are some of the best guides and experts located in the destination of your choice.

Our Journey Advisors, who’ve experienced it themselves, trust our In-Country Expert partners on the ground. A Journey Advisor is a well-travelled destination expert. We ensure our advisors regularly experiences our partner suppliers’ tours first hand so we can honestly say with confidence that you will get exactly what you have paid for.


Your In-Country Experts

James Currie

South Africa

Ilze Wagenaar

Tanzania, Africa

Trevor Fernandes

zanzibar, Africa

Riccardo Orizio

Kenya, Africa


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